Making flatbread

It’s a weekly sluggish and peaceable ritual, making a batch of flatbread. Fairly just like performing some mindfully-drifting or podcast-listening weed pulling on a balmy summer time’s day. Been making flatbread for my common bread wants for perhaps a few years now. Earlier than that, it was fairly a protracted stretch with sourdough loaves, however that all of a sudden appeared too difficult. That is easy: flour, water, salt, olive oil, baking powder. Relaxation for 10 minutes, roll out with rolling pin, place in pan. Does the baking powder imply it’s not strictly a flatbread? Don’t know–they’re nonetheless fairly flat!

I feel I take pleasure in this primitive type of bread as a lot as a superbly mild and buttery croissant, or a nonetheless heat baguette… There’s some deep fundamental attraction to the style and texture of cooked flour dough. As a child craft exercise, I bear in mind making playdough with flour, salt, and water, and pondering how the identical that was to the dumplings (that I cherished) that we had in stew. Surprise the place which may have gone if I’d been allowed to make use of the range…


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