In the event you’re trying to incubate turkey eggs, you’ve come to the suitable place!
On this weblog publish, we are going to focus on find out how to incubate turkey eggs with and with out an incubator and supply recommendations on making certain your hatchlings are wholesome and thrive.
Let’s get began!

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Find out how to Incubate Turkey Eggs

Incubating turkey eggs is a enjoyable and rewarding expertise, however it does require some persistence and data.
Listed below are among the important steps for incubating turkey eggs:

  1. Gather the eggs. It’s finest to gather them from a neighborhood farm or hatchery, as they are going to be more energizing and have a better success charge.
  2. Arrange your incubator. You will want to fill it with an acceptable quantity of vermiculite or perlite after which add water till the fabric is damp however not moist.
  3. Set the incubator’s temperature to between 99-102 levels Fahrenheit. Then, you have to to activate the incubator and permit it to heat up for twenty-four hours earlier than including the eggs.
  4. Place the eggs within the incubator, being cautious to not injury them.
  5. Flip the eggs 3-5 instances every day. The easiest way to do that is through the use of an egg turner.
  6. After 7 days, it’s best to start candling the eggs. Candling is a strategy of shining a lightweight via the egg to examine on the embryo’s growth inside.
  7. At this level, you may additionally have to improve the humidity ranges within the incubator by frivolously spraying the eggs with water a few times every day.
  8. Lastly, after 28 days, it will likely be time to hatch your turkey eggs! Enable the chicks to dry off and fluff their feathers earlier than transferring them right into a brooder.

Right here’s an academic video displaying you find out how to incubate turkey eggs:

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Find out how to Set Up an Incubator

Organising the proper setting for incubation is crucial to creating certain that the majority, if not all, of your turkey eggs hatch. It’s vital to concentrate to temperature and humidity ranges.

You may efficiently incubate Turkey eggs utilizing many incubators and brooders.
Nonetheless, some elements should stay fixed to make sure the well being of the growing poults.
Beneath are beneficial tips for temperature, humidity, and egg turning.
It’s important to start candling eggs on day 7 to examine for fertility and growth.
Lockdown is while you’ll not be turning the eggs or adjusting temperature and humidity.
Following these tips will create a protected and wholesome setting for turkey eggs.


The incubator must be set to 99°F.


The humidifier must be set to 55% or 84.5°F in the event you use a moist bulb thermometer.
Day 7-18: 50-60% or 81-85°F if utilizing a moist bulb thermometer.
Day 19-21: 60-65% or 85-88°F if utilizing a moist bulb thermometer.
Day 22-24: 70-80% or 88-90°F if utilizing a moist bulb thermometer.

Egg Turning

Eggs must be turned 4 instances every day till lockdown.
After day 18, eggs ought to solely be turned 2 instances per day.
Don’t flip eggs throughout the final 3 days of incubation.

Candling Eggs

Candling is the method of shining a lightweight via an egg to examine its growth.
This must be achieved on day 7 to examine for fertility and progress.
If an embryo is current, you will note veins and a darkish spot.
If a supply just isn’t present, the egg will probably be clear.
Take away any non-fertile eggs from the incubator as quickly as attainable to forestall micro organism progress.

Lockdown Date

Lockdown ought to happen on day 24 when all poults have hatched and are dry.
Take away any unhatched eggs from the incubator right now, as effectively.

Lockdown Temperature

The temperature must be 99°F.
Humidity must also be elevated to 65% or 88°F in the event you use a moist bulb thermometer.
Don’t open the incubator throughout a lockdown except essential.
It’s important to take care of these tips all through your complete incubation course of to make sure wholesome turkey poults.
By offering a protected and managed setting, you’ll give your poults the most effective probability for survival and success.
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Methods to Incubate Turkey Eggs

eggs in incubator
A turkey egg incubator is the primary possibility we’d offer you as a way to have probably the most success hatching your turkey chicks. Incubators are made to take care of the right setting that the eggs want as a way to hatch.

Turkey eggs should be incubated for 28 days earlier than hatching.
Listed below are 4 methods to incubate turkey eggs:

Utilizing an Incubator

A business incubator can be utilized to take care of optimum temperature and humidity ranges for turkey eggs.

Underneath a Broody Hen

In case you have a broody hen, she may be positioned in a nesting field with the turkey eggs. The hen will assist maintain the eggs heat and guarded.

In a Selfmade Incubator

You may assemble a selfmade incubator utilizing a cooler or Styrofoam field.
Make sure that to take care of correct temperature and humidity ranges contained in the incubator.
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Underneath a Warmth Lamp

Another choice is to position the turkey eggs underneath a warmth lamp set to low warmth (round 100 levels Fahrenheit).
Once more, this methodology just isn’t as dependable as utilizing an precise incubator.

What to Do if a Turkey Egg Doesn’t Hatch

If one in every of your turkey eggs doesn’t hatch, there are some things you are able to do:

  • Wait a number of days to see if the egg will hatch. Generally it takes longer for an egg to hatch.
  • Examine the egg for indicators of life. In the event you see veins and a darkish spot (indicating an embryo), the egg might be nonetheless alive.
  • Examine the incubator temperature and humidity ranges to make sure they’re right.

If none of these items work, it’s probably that the egg just isn’t viable and won’t hatch.
Take away it from the incubator to forestall micro organism progress.
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After the Eggs Hatch

eggs in a carton
It’s vital to take care of an important setting for the turkey chicks after they’ve hatched as a way to ensure that they’re wholesome after the incubation course of.

The method doesn’t cease as soon as the eggs hatch.
After the turkey eggs have hatched, there are some things you have to do:

  • Take away any unhatched eggs from the incubator.
  • Put the turkeylings in a brooder or different equal space.
  • Be certain that the baby turkeys have meals and water out there to them.
  • Preserve the temperature between 95 and 100 levels F for the primary week, then decrease it by 5 levels per week till feathered.

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Find out how to Inform if a Turkeyling is Wholesome

It’s attainable to hatch a turkey chick that may not be wholesome so it’s vital to know the indicators of a hen that isn’t effectively.
Right here are some things to search for when checking in case your turkeylings are wholesome:

  • They need to have dry, fluffy feathers.
  • They need to be lively and alert.
  • Their eyes must be clear and open.
  • There must be no discharge from their nostrils or mouths.
  • They need to be consuming and consuming like regular.

The Backside Line

General, hatching and incubating turkey eggs is sort of just like the method of hatching and incubating some other kind of egg.
Preserving the setting secure is the primary factor to take care of with regards to making certain your hatchlings survive incubation and hatch into child turkeys.


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