Rested Pastures Make Nice Grass

After switching to rotational grazing, Lisa’s cows are tamer, the soil is more healthy, and the grass high quality has improved.

My husband and I increase beef cattle, corn and soybeans together with my husband’s household. I get to supervise the 100 “mama cows” and their infants. Which means my job consists of feeding, checking pastures, checking calves, and dealing with the entire data and bookkeeping for the animals. Feeding cattle would possibly sound straightforward as a result of they eat grass in pastures. However in actuality, there are plenty of parts concerned in creating the very best outcomes for the animals and our soil. 

For instance, we used to place our cows out to pasture for the summer season to graze wherever they wished. However since cattle are inclined to graze on the very best grass, our pastures have been grazed erratically. The areas that the cows most well-liked to graze didn’t have as a lot restoration time in comparison with areas with much less grazing. That lack of restoration time was affecting the vitamins obtainable within the soil, which then affected the standard of our grass for his or her feed. 

To fight this challenge, we switched to a rotational grazing method. To get began, we put in non permanent fences. We transfer the cows as soon as every week in order that the herd is switching pastures. The grazed grass is given an opportunity to develop again, which in flip has improved our soil and gives good high quality grass the subsequent time the herd rotates onto that discipline. It’s extra work, however for us the advantages are well worth the effort. The well being of the soil, grass, and cows have all improved.

I’ve even seen a distinction within the temperament of the cattle. They’re tamer. Once we transfer them from one pasture to a different, they know what to anticipate. Not too way back a few of our cows obtained into a unique discipline than the place we wished them. After I known as for them, they got here operating over the hill to me. They knew they have been heading to a brand new discipline with contemporary grass!


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