Moon flowers are stunning and have a tendency to emerge at night time. This makes them a uncommon nocturnal flower which it’s magnificence will also be seen through the day time.

Basic heirloom selection’s sensuously aromatic 6″ flowers magically open within the night: you’ll be able to really watch them unfurl.

For added curiosity, combine them in a flowerbed with morning bloomers akin to morning glories.

Moonflower is a favourite of pollinators, vining crops develop to eight–12 toes.

A perennial in delicate areas, crops are easy-growing, particularly in full solar.

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Moonflower How To Develop


Moonflower grows greatest in full solar, which means not less than six hours of direct daylight on most days. It may adapt to partially shady circumstances, although it won’t flower as nicely.


This vine can tolerate quite a lot of soil sorts. Nevertheless it prefers a wealthy, loamy soil with good drainage and a barely acidic to impartial ph.


Moon flower likes a average quantity of soil moisture. Water younger crops repeatedly, so their soil stays moist however not soggy.

Soil that’s too moist could cause the roots to rot. Water established crops when the soil begins to dry out. The vine will tolerate quick durations of drought, however an extended dry spell can kill it. : Fragrant Moonflower Bush! 20 Seeds ! This Will Slow Down  Traffic! Comb.s/h! : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Temperature and Humidity

These vines thrive in the summertime heat and humidity in zones 3 to 9, and will likely be perennial in zone 10 to 12.

In case you stay in a cooler local weather, wait to plant them exterior till the temperature is reliably round 60 to 70 levels Fahrenheit.

Native to tropical climates, these crops choose a reasonably excessive humidity stage however will tolerate dry air if they’re stored well-watered.


Fertilize each three to 4 weeks with a half-strength, high-phosphorus fertilizer when the plant is in bloom. Keep away from high-nitrogen fertilizer, as it will possibly promote extreme foliage development on the expense of blooms.2

Sorts of Moon flower

Basically, Ipomoea alba is offered with no selection designation. Some related crops that additionally use the widespread title moonflower embrace:

  • Ipomoea leptophyllaThat is an erect, flowering plant that typically goes by the title bush moonflower or bush morning glory.
  • Ipomoea violaceaThis plant is often often known as the seaside moonflower or sea moonflower, and its white flowers additionally open at night time.
  • Datura innoxiaThis species options white, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom at night time, and it makes use of the widespread names moonflower and pricklyburr. This can be a extra significantly poisonous plant.
Moon flower night time imaginative and prescient time lapse

Propagating Moon flower

Moon flowers are pretty troublesome to propagate by rooting vegetative stem cuttings, so it’s not often tried. Nevertheless, the plant self-seeds very freely, so it’s fairly straightforward to acquire new crops by transplanting the volunteers that readily sprout up from seeds dropped within the backyard. Right here’s how:

  1. Search for tiny seedling crops sprouting within the backyard. Typically, these will seem in spring within the location the place the earlier yr’s mature crops dropped their seeds.
  2. Utilizing a small backyard trowel, rigorously dig up and transplant the volunteer seedling to a brand new location. If propagating late within the season, you’ll be able to transplant them into small particular person pots to develop indoors over the winter, then transfer them outdoor within the spring. Nevertheless, potted indoor seedlings will most likely want a small assist construction to carry the vines, which is able to develop quickly. Peat planting containers are a good selection for this methodology.
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The best way to Develop Moonflower From Seed

If you’re harvesting seeds from an present vine, make certain they’ve totally dried earlier than you acquire them from the seed pods left behind after the flowers fade.

Begin seeds indoors roughly 4 to 6 weeks earlier than your space’s frost date.

Soak the seeds in a single day in heat water or barely nick them with a file to interrupt their arduous coating. 

Then, plant them about 1/4 inch deep in a seed-starting combine. It’s very best to make use of small biodegradable peat pots you can simply bury within the backyard, as moonflower doesn’t like its roots disturbed with transplanting.

Place the seeds in a heat spot that will get brilliant, oblique mild, and preserve the soil calmly moist till seedlings seem. 

As soon as out of doors temperatures are reliably heat, you’ll be able to start acclimating the seedlings to direct daylight by putting them outdoor for more and more lengthy stretches every day.

After a couple of week of this hardening-off process, the seedlings are able to be planted outdoor.

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In cold-winter zones the place you’re rising moon flower as an annual, pull your entire plant from the bottom when the flowers have light and the foliage begins to wither and switch brown.

Leaving the vines in place could result in an unlimited variety of volunteer seedlings within the spring.

As a result of these crops self-seed so vigorously, it’s greatest to not add the useless crops to compost heaps, since many seeds are more likely to survive.

In warm-weather zones the place moonflowers proceed to develop as perennials, winter is an effective time to survey the bottom and pluck out volunteer crops to stop uncontrolled unfold.

Widespread Plant Ailments

Moonflower can fall prey to black rot, a bacterial illness that thrives in humid circumstances. It may be remedied by separating thick vines to advertise air circulation, and by no means watering from overhead or at night time, which is able to preserve the plant drier.

The best way to Get Moon flower to Bloom

How to Grow Moonflowers (Ipomoea Alba) - Gardening Channel

When stunning and mysterious moonflower’s creamy, white blooms open at night time they supply a lightweight, candy perfume.

The plant produces flowers all summer season until the frost: deadhead blooms you’ll be able to attain, however it’ll proceed to flower when you can’t get all of them.

Moonflower typically blooms reliably if it’s getting sufficient solar and if it’s watered repeatedly. And including fertilizer to your watering routine.

Moonflowers like a excessive phosphorous selection—will assist your plant produce extra flowers.


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